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CAFE Talks Podcast


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May 18, 2022

Be humble, work with your employees, know that each person is just as important as the next, build trust through your brand, and make sure that you find time for family. These are words of wisdom from a successful owner team that has built a foodservice business and a family through hard work, dedication to a pursuit of excellence, connecting with guests, and mentoring a team of professionals who share in a vision and a mission to serve. Join CAFÉ Talks Podcast as we spend time with Chef Jamie and Melissa Keating - owners/operators of EPIC Restaurant and JK Culinary Catering in Columbus, Georgia. Even with the demands on their time that accompany restaurant ownership, Jamie and Melissa have managed to raise a wonderful family of four successful children and an extended family of staff members and loyal guests. Tune in and learn about their methods that focus on respect and balance.