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Nov 3, 2021

Dishwasher to Club Chef, working for Charlie Palmer and David Burke, to Executive Chef for all food operations at Syracuse University – a chef’s progression is always remarkable to follow. “It doesn’t get any better than this – creating beautiful, delicious food that impacts other people’s lives – amazing.” Catching the bug that turns a job into a career can also catch up to you. Restaurant work is stressful – stress that can add to our own personal challenges – the question is “how will you deal with it?” There are ample ways of putting a band aid on that stress – negative ways that will push us in the wrong direction – or we can fill our time with positive releases from exercise to reading, creative crafts, or travel. The decision is yours. Join us for a stimulating and emotional discussion with Chef Eamon Lee who has lived the good and the not so good, built a reputation on his dedication and passion, and found a way to address those challenges with a positive approach. “Put light into your life” is his objective. Fly fishing, beekeeping, furniture making, foraging and gardening and enjoying a strong relationship with an incredible partner – this is how he finds balance. Listen and learn, contemplate and share. Cooks and chefs need to take the right path when they encounter that fork in the road.