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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Dec 1, 2021

Few things are more invigorating than an idea, an invention or re-invention, a spark of a concept that keeps you up at night – thinking, a problem solved or a new way of looking at something that has been staring you in the eye for quite some time. The creative process begins with curiosity, curiosity leads to inquiry, inquiry to research, research into formulation and development, and development into a product or concept that just might change you or the people around you. This is how an open mind works and this is how our CAFÉ Talks guest approaches every day.
Join us and listen to Chef Steve Schimoler – a dynamic idea person, creative thinker, challenger of norms, chef, trainer, coach, product developer and accomplished musician, as he lets us in to his train of thought and the process that he relies on to bring those ideas to fruition. Open your mind to the possibilities.