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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Mar 10, 2021

Sometimes it’s a spark of interest at an early age, for others it may come late in life – but many young cooks experience that a’ha moment when it becomes clear that a career in the kitchen is just the ticket for them. Those who achieve their goals do so through a commitment to the foundations of cooking and the transferable skills that a kitchen can provide. Join us for an insightful discussion with Chef Chris Koetke whose career began with that spark of interest at the age of 14 with money from his paper route spent on cookbooks. Through his time in kitchens around the Chicago area and some exciting stage’ opportunities abroad – Chef Koetke eventually found himself in the role of culinary instructor. After more than 20 years his path included Department Head and eventually College Vice President at Kendall College and International oversight of more than 40 programs, in 12 countries through Laureate International Universities. Now as consultant/founder of Complete Culinary ,LLC - Chef Koetke walks us through his career, the foundations that lead to success, his commitment to sustainability, and what lies ahead for the industry of food.