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Mar 24, 2021

Food Truck Entrepreneur to serial restaurateur opening Mission Chinese in San Francisco and New York, operator of what Bon Appetit called one of the 10 Best New Restaurants, and one of the most important restaurants in America; James Beard semi-finalist for Best New Restaurant, and chef/operator of The Perennial – an environmentally sustainable restaurant. Recently, the James Beard Foundation as their Humanitarian of the Year recognized Chef Myint and his organization. Chef Anthony Myint is a man who never stops thinking about how to make a difference. His efforts and passion are now focused on “zerofoodprint”, a collaborative effort to engage restaurants in helping to combat climate change and save the planet through regenerative agricultural practices and a carbon neutrality focus. Join us for an interesting conversation about how chefs, restaurants, and culinary educators can unite to have a dramatic impact on the health of our planet.