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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Sep 22, 2021

What keeps you up at night and what pushes you to jump out of bed in the morning? Is it angst over work left undone, or projects on the horizon that you are not sure how to approach? Or…is it that next great idea and the desire to bring it to fruition? From an early age we are wired to think, to learn, and to build. It is this desire to create that excites us and brings a smile to our face. This is true of the toddler, high school student, young cook or aspiring chef, and even those who choose to teach others. Join CAFÉ Talks in a conversation with Chef Curtiss Hemm of Carriage House Cooking School and Pink Ribbon Cooking as he points us in the direction of bringing ideas to fruition, of learning the joy of stimulating young minds and using our hands to build. A chef, restaurateur, educator, gentleman farmer, and student of life – Curtiss Hemm speaks to us about his life challenges, his ideas, and how he manages to teach others while having real conversations about food. Whether in front of a stove, sitting on his tractor, or foraging for mushrooms on his 300 acres of land – he will inspire you and make you think.