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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Jun 1, 2022

Self-confidence derived from a set of tangible skills, appreciation for teamwork, an outlet for creativity, and careers that allow any individual to be all that he or she can be - this is what the professional kitchen can provide. The opportunities begin long before college or that first job because the foundations of cooking are the lifeblood of the home and the community. “What are the most critical skills to begin this quest? Show up on time, work hard, follow through, be inquisitive, listen, and respect - these are the foundations that set the stage for success.” This is what Richard Grausman - an accomplished dream catcher, culinary foundations teacher, career builder, purpose finder and founder of C-CAP (Careers Through Culinary Arts Program) believes. Join CAFÉ Talks Podcast for a conversation with the man who has influenced and inspired more than 300,000 young culinarians, many from under-served communities. Grausman found his purpose and continues to make a dent in the universe.