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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Jun 15, 2022

What lays ahead, what will your future bring, where might you wind up? From those early days of washing dishes or the first opportunity to work on a kitchen line, there is a spark of wonder and loads of trepidation over these important questions. Is this what I want to do, what I should do with my life?

At these early stages in a career many may have doubts, but some will say that the opportunities are only limited by a person’s desire, commitment to learning, and willingness to build and stick to a plan. Join CAFÉ Talks podcast as we spend time with Charles Carroll, CEC, Executive Chef of River Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas - one of the country’s most accomplished chefs, authors, and visionaries. Catch his enthusiasm for team building, communication, professionalism, adventure, and family as he walks us through the challenges and opportunities that have come his way because he was ready and open to whatever came next.