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Jul 1, 2020

Born with his feet planted firmly in the soil of Louisiana and the swampland of the Bayou, John Folse grew to become Louisiana’s worldwide ambassador of food.  As the foremost practitioner of Cajun cooking – Chef Folse represents this melting pot cuisine through his original restaurant Laffite’s Landing and currently in partnership with Chef Rick Tramonto at restaurant R’Evolution Additionally, his John Folse Companies include catering at White Oak Plantation, a PBS television series, publishing company, food manufacturing facility, and the John Folse Culinary Institute at Nichols College.  This authentic southern gentleman has been there for Louisiana as it recovered from incredible disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.  Chef Folse fought with the chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs of Louisiana to preserve and rebuild the region's strong culinary culture.


Join us for an inspiring conversation with Chef John Folse.