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Sep 9, 2020

The experience of dining would not be complete without a great, appropriately matched bottle of wine. What goes into the production of that bottle is a long process that begins with the farmer and the terror. The quality of the wine, as every vintner will tell you, is determined by the quality of the grape and the grape depends on the soil, the sun, the temperature, amount of rainfall, and nurturing from the person who works the soil and cares for the fruit. Great wine makers try to let the juice of the grape and the fermentation process speak for itself. After harvest and the crush, the juice of the grape, through fermentation - is allowed to evolve – converting natural sugars into a juice that reflects the character of the terror and the palate of the wine maker. Understanding the complexity of the process, the passion of the vintner, the science of the wine maker, and the vision of the chef who must match food and wine for the best experience, is the craft of the importer and exporter. Join us as Jack Edwards of The Jack Edwards Collection talks about his role in helping to bring the very best wines from their source to the restaurant table and his thoughts about the importance of wine education. Jack’s experience with the people of wine, and knowledge of the product itself will open a fruitful discussion on this podcast episode. You won’t want to miss it.