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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Dec 2, 2020

The food industry provides limitless opportunities for careerists – opportunities that are incredibly diverse. As you walk through your local grocery outlet or browse through that vendor’s catalog of ingredients at a chef’s disposal – it is enlightening to note that there is a product development person behind each one of those ingredients on the shelf or in the catalog. Each product is the result of tireless ideation, testing, tasting, scaling for production, subjected to a finely tuned marketing strategy, named, packaged, and distributed through numerous channels before it gets to your cart or your back loading dock. Join us for a fascinating discussion with Kirsten Schimoler Sutaria – the creative energy behind Wonderlabs Doozy Pots – a plant based ice cream substitute that is nutritious and delicious. Kirsten talks with us about the creative process, the challenges, and the opportunities for a career in food that blends art, science, and loads of problem solving.