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Feb 24, 2021

Ah… artisan bread – such a gift, such an incredible statement of craftsmanship, such an important part of the human experience. Those who work with the four primary ingredients of bread: flour, salt, water and yeast (or starter) are a special breed. They are individuals who dedicate their lives and passion to mastering the process of mixing, shaping, proofing, and baking those incredible loaves of goodness. The job is physical, emotional, and at some level – spiritual in nature. Bread bakers are “all in”. Join us for an enlightening talk with Matt Funiciello, one of Americas’ premier artisan bread bakers who owns and operates Rock Hill Bakehouse in Glens Falls, New York. Matt is an advocate for wholesome food and shares that advocacy with his crew and customers. Vogue Magazine referred to Matt as “the paragon of purism” and Mimi Sheraton of the New York Times stated that Matt and his crew make the “Best Rye Bread east of the Mississippi”. Walk through a day in the life of bread baking and feel what it is like to work with, what many call the “staff of life”. This is a must listen episode for anyone who studies food, works in a professional kitchen, teaches others about the craft of baking, or simply enjoys the fruits of the baker’s labor.