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Jun 2, 2021

Growing up in the home of Chef Roger Verge and his wife Denise – Cordelia Verge was likely unaware, at an early age, just how influential her parents were. The “Cuisine of the Sun” or the new style of French cooking was the way that Chef Verge approached his craft. Bringing out the natural flavors of ingredients without masking them with excessive sauce work, butter and cream, was what Verge saw as natural – chefs were meant to support what Mother Nature provides. In their initial restaurant Moulin de Mougins and subsequently L’Amandier de Mougins Verge grew in recognition as a recipient of more Michelin stars than any other chef of the time. He stood tall as the orchestrator of what took place in the kitchen and his wife – Denise was equally adept at mentoring the front of the house. Together they trained many of the greatest chefs of the modern era and partnered with those already firmly established. Bocuse, Boulud, Ducasse, and Troisgrois, to name a few, were part of Verge’s network – some even trained in his kitchens. He was also a teacher who embraced both traditional culinary school training as well as apprenticeship. Join this heartfelt CAFETalks conversation with Cordelia Verge as she reflects on her father’s life and how it shaped her own.