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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Apr 21, 2021

From a young teenage boy in Detroit riding his Stingray bike to that first job as a dishwasher to one of America’s extraordinary Certified Master Chefs – Dan Hugelier talks about his journey. Those humble beginnings of mastering four egg pans and a griddle as breakfast cook to earning gold medals in the Culinary Olympics – this exceptional chef demonstrated the craftsmanship, discipline, inquisitiveness, willingness to learn, and talent necessary to be at the top of his game. A former executive chef at restaurants, clubs and hotels serving thousands of meals a day to the culinary classrooms of Schoolcraft College as a highly respected instructor Chef Dan reflects on what is most important: to give back, to remain humble, to know that mentoring others and encouraging discovery, fairness, a commitment to foundational cooking, and relishing the success of others is what a true professional does. Join us as we become a master chef’s students for an hour and learn to tuck away the attributes and beliefs that will help to guide us and those we mentor, toward a successful life behind the range.