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Aug 12, 2020

From his early days growing up in New Jersey within a family deeply rooted in great cooking, Chef Keith Taylor loved everything about the kitchen. Visits to New York City restaurants with his uncle and alignment with his grandmother – a professional cook – Keith would eventually meet and spend quality time in the kitchen with Chef Patrick Clark – a chef of great renown in America. His career was self-determined at an early age and through culinary school and later working at Disney, Hilton Hotels, sporting arenas with teams like the NJ Devils and the New York Giants – Chef Taylor developed a reputation as a solid culinarian who knows logistics, is a strong leader, and a strong personality with the knowledge to run a profitable operation. Now the owner/operator of Zachery’s BBQ and Soul Food and Chef Soul Enterprises, Chef Taylor has earned a reputation as one of America’s premier proponents of Soul Food and the flavors and history of southern style cooking. He is an eloquent speaker, a motivational force, a successful entrepreneur, and a spokesperson for operating kitchens with heart.Join us for a deeply personal and inspirational episode of CAFÉ Talks with Keith Taylor – chef, businessman, leader, husband and father.