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Oct 6, 2021

Rainier cherries in mid-June, salmon from the Columbia River, morels, and boletes from deep in the Oregon forests, heirloom tomatoes brought to fruition in the July sun, perfect five-inch long Delicata squash for Eleven Madison in New York City (300 pounds each week), or beautiful wild asparagus flown in secretly from France – these are the special tools, the magical ingredients that help chefs to be great at what they do, and Francois de Melogue was your source. Referred to as the fifth Beatle – this high-energy, always smiling chef with roots in French cuisine may not have written the menu music or played the songs on a restaurant line – but he was always there providing the notes that are essential to the song. It’s always about the quality of ingredients that a chef works with – this is the basis for cooking passion. Join CAFÉ Talks for a chat with Francois de Melogue – chef, culinary ambassador, writer, advocate for the source, and ingredient explorer who stood behind many great chefs as they performed their kitchen magic.