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Jul 14, 2021

Do we tend to discount and fear what we don’t know? Are untapped experiences a gap in real learning? The Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) has embraced an international presence for its programs, both here and abroad for decades. “This is where students learn to accept ambiguity, become real problem solvers, experience the joys and challenges of pure trust, and become better citizens of the world” states Jim Myers, Associate Provost of International Education and Global Programming at R.I.T. International experiences may very well be a rite of passage for students of any discipline today – a chance to dispel preconceived ideas about the world and its citizens by walking a mile in their shoes. Tune into this podcast interview with Jim Myers as we talk about the highlights and challenges of operating international programs and integrating an international experience into degrees of all types. Listen in as Paul Sorgule chats with this PhD in Natural Resource Economics, a Food Systems Manager, a Restaurateur and Bread Baker all rolled into one person – Jim Myers – a teacher on a mission to bring the world closer – one student at a time.