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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Apr 7, 2021

An accomplished restaurant and resort chef, former executive chef for the enormously complex Opryland Hotel, leader of the Culinary Team at London’s Olympic Park and Stadium, Certified Executive Chef and Board Member of The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation – shifts his career direction to healthcare foodservice operations. Working as Corporate R and D Chef for Morrison Healthcare – Chef Jeffrey Quasha is as enthusiastic about his current position and as passionate about his role as he was a chef working for exclusive fine dining restaurants and resorts. “Morrison’s is a chef-centric company that resembles a classic organizational brigade”. A company that lives two important core beliefs: they believe in the Power of Food and having a Passion for Life’s Flavor. Learn about this groundbreaking company that is focused on helping people live a full life through great tasting, healthy eating. Where will young culinary students and seasoned chefs pursue their careers in the future? Once you listen to Chef Quasha your eyes will be opened to the possibilities that this important foodservice segment offers. Join us as Chef Quasha gives us a glimpse of his journey and his altruistic commitment to making a difference with food.