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May 19, 2021

Club and resort chef in quality, high –volume kitchens to classrooms preparing the next generation of cooks – Chef Pliska has always wanted to be in a position to give back. He feels fortunate to have enjoyed the work and positions that he held in operations from Washington, DC to Dusseldorf – West Germany. Today, he spends his time mentoring students at Ozark Technical Community College – a place where he has found his calling.“It’s all about work ethic” claims this accomplished chef. Learn how he is able to stress this in his classes and in the program-operated restaurant. His commitment to skill development through repetition and immersion in real environments where students develop that confidence and sense of urgency is evident in his passion and unrelenting example. “I ask my students: do you love food, and are you willing to make the commitment to learn?” His words ring true as he points to the reality that not every student is born with natural talent, a perfect palate, or that artistic touch that is highlighted on a plate of food, but every student, regardless of their natural skills can choose to practice a great work ethic. “It is our responsibility as educators to encourage this and provide a platform that demands a student’s very best effort.” Join us for a lively talk with Chef Daniel Pliska.