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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Dec 16, 2020

Coffee is the universal elixir, the beverage that keeps our personal motors running, a boost of energy or a soothing friend, the start to our day and the end to a great meal – coffee is an integral part of our every day. Those who are deeply involved with the history, agriculture, traditions, brewing techniques and artistry of presenting the perfect cup are also pillars of local communities and supporters of the conversations that bring that community together. These are the people of the coffee experience. If you are a student of food, a chef, restaurateur, educator, philosopher, budding entrepreneur, or simply a lover of coffee in all of its forms – then you will enjoy our conversation with Jecinda Wilson of Origin Coffee in the Adirondacks of New York State. Make sure you have your finger wrapped around the handle of your favorite mug and sit back as we talk with this successful entrepreneur.