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CAFE Talks Podcast


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Jan 26, 2022

Change is a challenging word. We all can recognize the need for change and even understand what might be needed but embracing and executing that change is all together a different matter. Holding on and hoping for the best is rarely an effective strategy, yet it is what most of us would prefer. Once we become accustomed to a way of operating, and a routine that has worked for us in the past, it is only natural to try and hang on. However, when environmental factors demand change and we resist, then the outcome is typically contrary to our hopes. Thus is the current environment for restaurants, chefs, and culinary schools. Most of us recognize the perfect storm that is before us, but far too many are still clinging on to the way it was and hoping for a return to “normal”. Some, however, not only embrace change, but actually thrive in a world where change is viewed as dramatic. These are the people who move us forward, who make lemons into lemonade, and who chart a course for a positive future. Join CAFÉ Talks Podcast as we chat with Chef Walter Zuromski of Chef Services Group, Inc. as we dive into the current environment for restaurants and culinary schools and lay some groundwork for change. This is an important conversation for chefs, restaurateurs, culinary educators, and program administrators.